Carrier OptiClean™ 600 CFM Dual-Mode Air Scrubber & Negative Air Machine


The Carrier OptiClean™ rolls easily into any room and plugs into a standard electrical outlet to quickly improve indoor air quality (IAQ) in schools, dental offices, hospitals, and other commercial facilities. It can be operated in two modes:

Air Scrubber — uses 99.97% efficient, long-life (~40,000 hour) HEPA filters to remove particles as small as 0.3 microns, then discharge cleaner air back into the room. Ideal for a wide range of commercial applications, including K–12 classrooms, dental office exam rooms and open-air, temporary medical facilities.

Negative Air Machine — helps convert normal hospital rooms into negative-pressure airborne infectious isolation rooms (AIIR) by adding a vacuum effect to the HEPA filtration capability. Designed to ASHRAE Standard 170 for Ventilation of Health Care Facilities.

There are two OptiClean models. This unit is our lower-capacity configuration. Visit our Home Page to review the chart comparing the two models.

Included with each unit are two spare pre-filters.

PLEASE NOTE: We can only fulfill orders from customers located in Eastern Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Maine.

Considering 4 or more units? Contact DCNE ( for personalized attention.

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Product Highlights

  • 99.97% efficient, long-life HEPA filter removes particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • Standard MERV-8 or higher pre-filter (3 shipped with product: one pre-installed and two replacements)
  • Units can be operated either vertically or horizontally in both modes
  • Meets or exceeds the ASHRAE Standard 170: Ventilation of Health Care Facilities
  • HEPA filter rack and sealing design meet air leakage requirement
  • Vertical design for smaller footprint compared to many competitors and can be mounted and operated horizontally when necessary
  • Portable and adaptable to nearly any appropriately-sized location
  • Heavy-duty, lockable casters for easy re-locating
  • Red lighted indicator to alert user when filters requires replacement)
  • Green on/off switch illuminates to verify when running
  • 3-second motor start delay
  • 3-speed selector switch on 015 size model for various air flow ranges
  • Ten-foot long power cord with strain relief
  • Exhaust transition plate to standard 10-inch round (005 size) or 12-inch oval (015 size) duct included
  • Galvanized steel, pre-painted cabinet is fully insulated
  • 115V
  • UL® listed
  • One-year limited warranty

Additional Product Details

Pre-Installed Filters
  • The Carrier OptiClean™ ships with two filters pre-installed for your convenience: a minimum MERV-8 pre-filter and a HEPA filter. Additionally: your Opticlean will be shipped with 2 extra replacement MERV-8 pre-filers.
    • The minimum MERV-8 pre-filter recommended replacement is 60-90 days
    • The long-life HEPA filter provides approximately 40,000 hours of operation, or four years, under normal operation and maintenance
Filter Alert/Pressure Indicator
  • A red light illuminates when it is time to check and/or replace one or both of the unit’s filters
  • A green on/off switch illuminates when the unit is on and operating
Some Assembly Required
  • Locking casters and round duct transition assembly are shipped with every unit

Additional information

Weight 125 lbs
Dimensions 22.06 × 17.63 × 49.63 in


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