Reduce traces of Coronavirus in any interior space.*

Bring the quality of indoor air up to hospital standards — creating peace of mind for your employees and customers.

The largest challenge facing businesses and schools today is how to safely open facilities while the Coronavirus continues to pose a threat to public health. In response, Carrier has introduced the OptiClean: an indoor air quality device ideal for applications in settings such as classrooms, medical offices and businesses. This unit captures and isolates all viruses and bacteria that might be present in the air. If your task is to enhance the safety of others, OptiClean may be the ideal solution.

Carrier OptiClean air purifier and scrubber
Time Magazine has just released its list of 2020’s ground-breaking inventions that are making the world better and smarter. From the article: “Enter the OptiClean…a mobile air purifier built by Carrier that has two air-scrubbing functions. So far, the company has 15,000 orders for the units from hospitals as well as schools, universities, offices and other buildings looking to provide safe indoor environments.”
Time Inventions

The Problem:

This winter, businesses cannot simply keep windows open — and many do not have that capability even in good weather. Without a constant flow of large amounts of fresh air, contaminants will build up within any space. “The more contaminants, the higher the threat.”

The Solution:

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are extremely efficient at filtering human-generated infectious aerosols (99.97% or better) including particulates as small or smaller the SARS-CoV-2 virus. With the Carrier Opticlean, air is continually recycled through a pre-filter followed by a HEPA filter — up to six times each hour.

Bring any classroom's air quality up to hospital standards with Carrier's OptiClean.

This product includes a HEPA filter, which traps up to 99.97% of particles larger than .3 microns in diameter. In addition, current science indicates that while COVID-19 is smaller than .3 microns, COVID-19 often travels in biological aerosols ranging from .5-3 microns. While the COVID-19 virus will regularly be trapped by the HEPA filter, some isolated COVID particles could be smaller than .3 and therefore pass through the filter.

Be a leader in promoting public health.

Your staff and customers will relax… knowing your organization is making a serious effort to ensure their well-being in these difficult times.

A flexible, budget-friendly solution for air purification of any indoor area.

Dual modes: an air scrubber and a negative air device.

As an Air Scrubber — Ideal for K–12 classrooms, dental offices, medical and therapeutic centers, general offices, retail and restaurants, fitness centers, hair/nail salons.

As a Negative Air Machine —  Guidance from the CDC suggests that schools set aside space for temporary isolation rooms. The OptiClean can be converted for this use — quickly and easily. HEPA recirculation is allowed at a rate of 12 air changes per hour or higher.

How a New England school system is using Carrier’s OptiClean to keep students and teachers safe.

Boston25 news coverage of OptiClean Air Purifier by Carrier.

Reassure your customers:  their health and safety is of paramount concern.

Take the next step with Carrier’s OptiClean.

Which configuration is best for your needs?

Different businesses, schools and facilities have different needs for the replacement and filtering of indoor air. Use this chart to determine the OptiClean unit which would be right for your premises. First, measure the indoor space and calculate the square feet of needed coverage. Compare that number to this chart, which should indicate which Opticlean model is best suited for your  specific application: from two air changes per hour to six air changes. Note: walls, cubicles and large furniture will reduce overall effectiveness.
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The OptiClean is available in two sizes — both capable of operation as an air scrubber or a negative air machine. If you are unsure of which unit to order — or if you wish to place an order for multiple units, please contact one of our sales engineers.

Create the indoor air quality that puts customers and staff at ease.

with the OptiClean™ from Carrier®.


A history of innovation.

Carrier has been revolutionizing heating and cooling since 1902 — when our founder, Willis Carrier developed the very first air conditioner. Since then, Carrier has been America’s leader for indoor air quality and comfort solutions. When the world came face-to-face with Covid-19 in 2020, our engineers naturally stepped up and have introduced the OptiClean™.